Hints & Tips

  1. Quartz Refresh at work - Video - Quartz Yellowing

    Video and Photos of Quartz Refresh at work

    It just works, easy to use and cost effective makes your kitchen look like new again.

    Great for selling of a spring clean.

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  2. Can I use Windex or Glass Cleaner to clean my Quartz benchtop or countertop?

    Can I clean my Quartz with WINDEX or GLASS CLEANER

    caesarstone silestone quantum quartz essastone qstone smartstone technistone

    The simple answer is NO.

    99% of all Glass cleaners have a pH of greater that 10.5 this means they have the same corrsoiveness as most drain and oven cleaners.

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  3. Cleaning Quartz or stone with Vinegar, organic cleaner or all natural cleaners

    Cleaning Quartz with Organic, Natural & Vinegar

    We all like to think we can help the environment in a little way where possible and generally we try an purchase the "GREEN" option where possible and cost effective. "GREEN, ORGANIC or STONE SAFE" cleaners do not always mean that they are with some of the ingredients we have trouble pronouncing.

    So when is "GREEN" or "EARTH" friendly not so friendlt to the envirnoments and particularly the Quartz surfaces? 

    Unfortunately just because a product has ORGANIC, EARTH or an ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY LABEL does not mean it is safe to use around the home, especially in food preparation areas. Most of the “ORGANIC”, “GREEN” options are known to cause damage to modern stone surfaces as they are HIGHLY CORROSIVE! Even advise from “SO CALLED” cleaning experts are usually sponsored by the company making the products or just believe they know what should be used. WHY should NEVER use DR GOOGLE.

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  4. How to Clean Stone Benchtops

    How to Clean Stone Benchtops

    Cleaning modern stone benchtops including Quartz, Granite & Marble can be some what confusing or frustrating. Quite simply it is extremely easy with the correct cleaning products. Common cleaning products available off the shelf at your local supermarket or hardware store are not designed to clean, shine & protect modern stone surfaces, especially quartz.

    Step by Step Guide - General cleaning of stone benchtops.
    Step by Step Guide - Removing Stains from stone benchtops.
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  5. Do NOT VOID your Warranty

    How to keep your stone benchtops in Pristine condition

    Without VOIDING your warranties including all Quartz Brands. 99% of all common cleaning products, methods even ones recommened by most industry manufacturers & stone fabricator WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

    Simple Tips & Hints to follow. How you can get a lifetime warranty on your Stone Benchtops.
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