Can I clean my Quartz with WINDEX or GLASS CLEANER

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The simple answer is NO.

99% of all Glass cleaners have a pH of greater that 10.5 this means they have the same corrsoiveness as most drain and oven cleaners. You will find posts in popular forums stating that they can be used and even some quartz manufacturers stating they can be used. Though if you check all the quartz manufacturers warrranties they state anything over generally pH 9 will void the warranites for the products.

This is because glass cleaners such as the popular windex brand are highly corrosive to any surface and with quartz being highly polished can leave cloudiness, streaks, dull patches etc which is damage to the gloss finish. NOTE that 99.9% of all quartz manufacturers do not have a sealer or any other coating to the surface of the stone. Stone is polished by inline polishers that control the pressure, speed and finish of the polishing process. See here for a video on the polishing process.

We highly advise that you do not use any methods, cleaning product or recommendations offered in forums and from google searches. Hence we strongly advise that you simply add "MSDS" to the product you wish to find out more about and have a look at Section 9 of the msds which will give you a pH level.

Any cleaning products over 8 or under 5 should be avoided to maintain the shine, polish and durability of your stone surface. Unfortunately some (but not all) of the quartz manufactures unfortunately go off "Common Wivestales" with there advise as you will see from the below photo the advise given caused issues and if the quartz manufactuer representive had check their own cleaning and warranty information would have found that the inforrmation given may void the warranty on the product and at worse cause damage to the shine or polish of the their own quartz brand product. Thankfully not all Quartz manufacturers give conflicting advise.

Infact using highly alkaline cleaner on glass can cause "glass cancer" overtime which is a build up of the alkaline salts in the glass pores. It can only be removed by highly acidic compounds that are not available over the counter and will damage any stone. More information can be found here on "glass cancer"

windex on caesarstone granite marble

From Caesarstone Australia Warranty & Care/ Maintenance Guide

Below is a example of how to check the information and why you should and avoid any products over ph8 or under pH5

We highly recommend NOT TO USE any home remedies. wives tales or "Google" cleaning solutions as you can not quantify the information.

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