Cleaning Quartz with Organic, Natural & Vinegar

We all like to think we can help the environment in a little way where possible. Generally we try and purchase the "GREEN" option where possible though "GREEN, ORGANIC or STONE SAFE" cleaners does not always mean that they are, with some of the ingredients we have trouble pronouncing.

Starting with something that seem pretty harmless and often used a a cleaning product around the home - Vinegar. While vinegar by nature is highly reactive with metal salts, will turn copper that aged green colour and great for taking away may water stain rings caused by mineral salts desolved in may regions water, it is HIGHLY ACIDIC! with a higher pH than hydrocloric acid in many cases. Now we would not use that acid to clean anything other than the occassional concrete driveway.

Vinegar has a pH of 2 with the scale for acidity starting at 1 (being the strongest) is a reason why vinegar desolves most metal salts. 99% off the shelf avaialble vinegars have a range of 5%-20% of acetic acid, acetic acid in a water solution is what vinegar is. Our question is why do we think vinegar is safe to use for cleaning and most general home cleaning recipes? The answers is that our mums did it, their mums did it, so it must be ok. Vinegar being so highly acidic it WILL damage most things including the all stone overtime and depending on exposure and concentration levels of acetic acid in the vinegar.

cleaning caesarstone with vinegar

Larger photo avaialbe at the bottom of the post.

We highly recommend NOT TO USE any home remedies. wives tales or "Google" cleaning solutions as you can not quantify the information.

See the below photo, vinegar was left on the surface overnight to remove a stain, our cleaning products what have removed the stain from under a coffee machine in 5mins without the damage.

cleaning stone benchtops with vinegar

Organic, Green Cleaner for stone or quartz

The same can be said for most organic cleaning products that we have come across in the last year though they mostly are on the opposite end of the pH scale being around the same caustic or corrosiveness as drain cleaners.

Products with "Earth, Organic" on the label are on average extremely high on the pH scale, meaning that they are highly corrosive and NOT SUITABLE for cleaning or stain removal on any stone expecially QUARTZ.  Below you in the photo shows clearly a product that a customer has recently used which has caused damage to their stone benchtop leaving streaks, patches and dull areas all over the Quartz (Caesarstone brand shown though will affect all stone). Unfortunately just because a product has ORGANIC, EARTH or an ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY LABEL does not mean it is safe to use around the home, especially in food preparation areas. Most of the “ORGANIC”, “GREEN” options are known to cause damage to modern stone surfaces as they are HIGHLY CORROSIVE! Even advise from “SO CALLED” cleaning experts are usually sponsored by the company making the products or just believe they know what should be used. WHY should NEVER use DR GOOGLE.

natural or organic cleaner for caesarstone

How to Clean Stone Benchtops

If you are unsure how to remove a stain or care for your stone benchtop Please email us