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Mason's Mark - Trade Stone Cleaner

Diamond Stone & Quartz Polish

100% of 100

Stone Benchtop Polish

  • Returns Polish
  • Makes stone benchtops shine
  • Repairs Caesarstone scratches
  • Removes dull marks & spots
  • Safe to use on matte & polished stone benchtops
  • NO Silicones, waxes or fillers
  • Stone benchtop polish all brands of quartz

Kit sizes and uses

DIY - Small ~ a convenient dull patch, dull spot repair kit for common issues caused by Gumption, Bar Keepers Friend, Magic Erasers and Bleach. Suitable for the life of your stone surfaces.

Trade/ DIY ~ includes our patented polishing/ buffing head and adapter plate (m14). Perfect for that larger areas of damage caused by etching to the surface. Suitable for over 20 repairs.

Professional Restoration Kit ~ perfect for the stone restoration professional requiring the additional of our patented turbo pad. Allows you to repair deeper damage and also damage to porcelain surfaces such as Dekton etc.  Yes porcelain does etch from harsh cleaners such as BFK, Gumption, bleach, oven cleaner and drain cleaner.  Suitable for up to 20 repairs.

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