Stone & Caesarstone Cleaner

VOTED Best stone & Caesarstone cleaner.#1 stone professional's choice BEST QUARTZ stone cleaner

Our Stone & Caearstone cleaner works because it is specially formulated for Modern Quartz stone benchtop surfaces such as Caesarstone, Technistone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone, Cambria. We are so confident that you will have the same results at home we offer a 100% money-back guarantee*.

WHATS in the box

Everything you will ever need for a Stone & Caesarstone cleaner, shine, polish, care for and maintain your stone benchtops. No more confusion on what to use or NOT to use, will using this damage the surface finish. How to make your stone benchtop to look and feel as good as it was the first day it was installed.We have taken all the guess work away. No matter the stain* or problem* you may have with cleaning the solutionat your fingertips. Whats in the BOX?

How to clean stone benchtop
Stone Benchtop Cleaner
How to clean caesarstone
How to remove stain caesarstone
How to polish caesarstone

Before using any other clean products, recommended or not. We strongly suggest you see our HINTS & TIPS - Myths


100% Neutral and Safe


Money back guarantee*


Have a stubborn stain? contact us


In most cases, a re-application of the SPOT & STAIN REMOVER and/or GLOSS RENEW will solve 99% of all staining problems. In the unusual instance it does not remove the stain, please email us @
Was your stain caused by one of the following?

  • Non Scratch Pad or similar
  • Bleach
  • Creme Cleanser
  • Citric or Orange based cleaners
  • Drain Cleaner
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Is your stain yellow - brown
  • Is your stain round or partially circular

Unfortunately all the product above are highly corrosive and have caused damage to the surface finish or polish. Yes it can be rectified and you will need to email us with some more information

Best Caesarstone cleaner & Stone Cleaner on the market.